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Electronics Courses

Have a desire to explore computation structures, electronic interfaces and the principles of electric circuits? If so, a course in Electronics is for you as it will teach you how to select, adapt and develop hardware/software components. Electronics and embedded technology programmes combine theoretical knowledge with a lot of laboratory work that are meant to teach, prove, test and apply the laws and theorems that dominate the field.

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Career options and possible career trajectory

LayersElectronics Specialist
LayersElectronics Engineer
LayersElectronic Embedded Engineer
LayersField Application Engineer (Electronics)
LayersElectronic Technician

Recommended Competencies

  • Communication and Relationship building skill
  • Leadership and Professionalis
  • Knowledge of the Healthcare Environmen
  • Business skills and knowledg
  • Skill in assisting higher-graded employees in performing equipment repairs, and following safety guidelines

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